Emi Clear

First Impressions

Emi is shaking her ass at the camera in the first picture I saw on the tour and she`s smiling cutely while she does it. That`s a perfect first impression and after digging through the rest of the preview images and the sample video I`m ready to jump inside with this cutie and see what kind of excellent entertainment she offers. I love that she`s totally tiny, she`s only 4,11 and that she professes to be crazy. There`s a look at her fingering her snatch in the free video so if you want some excellent entertainment you might want to give that a look.

Hot Promises

Is Emi Clear really a crazy teen like she says on her site? I doubt that`s the case but I like that it`s there because it makes me think she`s promising wildness. At the very top of the page you can see the content count with the total number of pictures and videos inside so far. She`s promising that much content along with high resolution videos, decent resolution pictures, exclusivity, updates every week and a blog that has streaming Flash video and special galleries.


You can find the most recent picture galleries and videos teased on the member`s main page and so far she`s doing a decent job of putting out new content at a good pace. The picture galleries have been coming at the rate of one per week she`s been adding two galleries but they`re just one set broken into two parts so it`s only one update per week and one video every two weeks. It should be faster considering how new her site is bust most solo babes stick to this schedule so it`s hard to hold it against her.

The blog has the potential to be excellent if she keeps updating it. Right now there are only three posts but each has a gallery of candid pictures and one of them has a video. It looks like the other two are supposed to have video but it`s not working at the moment. She doesn`t write a whole hell of a lot. I think it`s less than 100 words total between the three posts, and I`d like to see that change but any time a young model offers a little bit of connection with her audience it?s a good thing. The blog is the only place you`ll find that with Emi Clear that`s a shame, by the way so I sincerely hope she keeps at it.

In the photo galleries you browse the content by month. All the months the site has been live it launched in June 2009 if you go by when the first set is dated are represented by a picture and you just have to click it to get your freak on. There are 29 galleries here but you should cut that number in half if you`re looking for unique picture sets since they`ve been divided into two parts, presumably to stretch out the update process and prevent her from having to shoot more content. I always worry a little when sites do that because it usually means they`re being cheap. If they have to pay her by the set then they save money by splitting each set into two parts.

The picture galleries are interesting in the Emi looks like a different girl depending on her hair color. Four of the unique sets in June show her with brown hair and I have to admit I find it much more attractive than the blonde look. Everything else she`s done has been with the blonde so if you see the content on the tour and you`re really attracted to the brunette but find the blonde a little underwhelming then you should stay away. She is largely blonde and there doesn`t seem to be a change coming on that front.

The image galleries might have been broken up because there are a lot of pictures. Most sets have 80-120 images so if they were joined that could be a little overwhelming (it`s still not a good excuse but it`s something). The galleries display at 1024px as promised and there are zip files to download. In each set she will eventually get naked and show off her tiny tits and her young pussy. She usually gives us a bunch of fully nude pictures to close a set and she wants you to ogle her pussy so she spreads her legs and her ass cheeks if necessary. You can also glimpse her young asshole if you want to entertain fantasies of doing her in the rear.

Her outfits in the picture galleries are the stuff of a typical young model. Think tank tops, t-shirts, jeans, denim shorts and cotton panties. She doesn`t need to wear a bra with such tiny tits so you won`t be seeing many of those. She strips sensually and she either works a sweet smiling face or a more serious, lusty look that says she`s completely into you and wants you naked and in her bed. Which is your favorite from a young model?

There are eight videos for download and it`s a little annoying that you`re given a small screenshot for each and nothing else. She doesn`t even offer a description of the scene or a title. It`s the screenshot and then a download link for the WMV or QuickTime file. The movies download really fast and play at 1024x576 and 2800-3000kbps. I was expecting them to be crystal clear based on the size promised on the tour but they actually look a little grainy. They have a home video feel and that may be a choice on the part of the site`s creators. I would have preferred a higher bit rate or HD video. They got so close I`m not sure why they didn`t just jump in all the way.

The movies are filmed separate from the picture galleries and they show her being awfully naughty. In one she`s nude in her living room and sitting on the floor with fingers in her pussy. In another she`s in the shower getting wet and pulling on her nipples while her pussy awaits attention. For the foot fans she will lick her toes a little bit, although that doesn`t dominate the entire movie. I like to see her masturbate and she`s not shy about pleasuring her snatch so you will most likely enjoy it too.

Charging $34.95/month for this site, which has a fairly small collection of content, seems like highway robbery. That thought doesn`t really go away until you visit the page with links to all the bonus sites. There are nine of them and each stars a solo babe like Emi or a collection of solo babes that didn`t warrant their own sites. The ladies are young and beautiful and they all like to model sexy clothes and play with their pretty bodies. Some will masturbate with toys while others keep their panties on throughout. They all offer entertainment though.

Croco’s Opinion

Emi Clear is a sexy chick with a great smile, a tiny body that includes miniature tits and a hot little ass. She has picture galleries and videos on her site and they`re shot separately with different focuses. The images are about stripping sensually and showing off every inch of her body. The videos are generally about playing with her pussy and trying to make it wet and you hard. She updates six times a month and hopefully will continue doing so to ensure that spending $35/month for a membership is a good value. The nine bonus sites certainly help with that and they`ve chosen a good selection of girls.


Navigation is easy but they need more than one picture per video. It`s too difficult to know what`s going on with the current setup.

Pricing Policy

They ask $34.95/month and $69.95 for 30 days.

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